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Pressure Washing Service by TFM Services

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Are you feeling the “pressure” to keep your high traffic areas clean and efficient? Then, put the “pressure” on TFM Services! Our pressure washing team is always looking to add happy new clients to our long list of satisfies customers!

TFM uses high capacity, truck mounted heated pressure washing systems to tackle your toughest jobs. TFM has been trusted a partner of fueling stations, industrial plants and retail centers for decades when it comes to pressure washing. With that kind of experience you can rely on TFM Services to complete your project on budget and on time.

Businesses compete everyday to win their customer satisfaction and garner repeat patrons. The entryway of your building is the first “welcome” your customer receives from your team.  Entryways covered in Gum or tar are not only unsightly. They can be a huge inconvenience to the unwitting person who steps in them and tracks it across the building or into their car. Often overlooked entryways need HOT pressure washing to fully remove baked on grime. Cold water pressure washing systems literally cannot “cut it”.

Water reclamation is an important piece of the puzzle with pressure washing. Our machines are able to put out 300 to 400 gallons of water an hour! When we are dealing with oils, grease, hazardous chemicals and expensive landscaping it is of the utmost importance that we have a reclamation plan and process in place to ensure none of the contaminates are released with waste water.

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Aerial Cleaning / Pressure washing at its finest!

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Aerial Cleaning Pressure Washing

Flashback to about a year ago when we cleaned thousands of steal beams nearly 140 feet off the ground! Our customer had the framework of their building erected with mud and concrete stuck to the steal. The beams needed to be perfectly clean prior to painting!

TFM  organized and mobilized two 135′ boom lifts, two  heated pressure washers and 5 trained individuals to pressure wash thousands of dirty beams for nearly an entire month! Their were many challenges including anchoring enough pressure washer line to reach 140 foot into the air, working around other trades whom were also on tight deadlines, keeping our vast work space tidy to allow other trade work to be performed and keeping our equipment performing in optimal conditions. Battling finicky machines, long hours, dangerous heights and high winds TFM worked safely and completed our tasks ahead of schedule! Good Work Team!