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Industrial Cleaning

“Let’s Talk Safety” on Industrial Campus

Clearly identifying all the potential hazard and threats on a job site prior to beginning work is a critical step to ensuring team member safety. Our team members are empowered by the knowledge they are to work safely or not at all, to communicate facility deficiencies and to lead by example.

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Industrial Cleaning Services

Maintaining a safe working environment starts with a safety cultured staff who are trained to work in any given space. TFM Services has decades of experience dealing with the stringent safety protocols required by this client base. Our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) work closely with our manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical manufactures and food grade processing plants to ensure our team members are always in compliance with the safety vision of our client.

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A manicured lawn and adjoining landscape is the framework of curb appeal and sets the tone for the building inside and out. Landscaping outdated? TFM can quick turn your grounds or employ a multi-season/year ground refresh program. Call us for a quote!

Functional equipment, proper chemical and stocked supplies are all pivotal for making a great impression. Our team is accustomed to maintaining a par level of all consumable products within our facilities. TFM has many decades-long supplier relations to help relay cost savings along to our clients.

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We believe in weekly face to face contact while performing quality assurance inspections with our customers, in turn, this creates 100% calibration while establishing clear expectations