Floor Care and Floor Restoration
January 16, 2019


Should you replace your floor or restore what is currently installed? If the flooring if a building is visibly dirty or past its prime, this leads tenant and customers to…

Office Cleaning
October 13, 2018

Office Cleaning Services by TFM Services

TFM Services truly takes a partnership approach when discussing opportunities with our clientele.  Initial efforts by our team are always focused on our customers goals, expectations and reasons for contracting…

Janitorial ServiceRestroom CleaningSpecialized Cleaning Programs
August 11, 2018

Kansas City Commercial Cleaning – TFM cleans Kansas City from the 42nd floor down

TFM has been a preeminent janitorial service provider in Kansas City for over 20 years. Our team has focused on a floor care niche for most of that time, until…

Aerial CleaningFacility MaintenancePost Construction Cleaning
June 20, 2018

Aerial Cleaning – Detail cleaning the highest of heights!

If you don’t know when you last had your facility’s ceiling cleaned off the top of your head, your probably going to have dust falling on your head! Aerial cleaning…

pressure washing
June 16, 2018

Pressure Washing Service by TFM Services

Are you feeling the “pressure” to keep your high traffic areas clean and efficient? Then, put the “pressure” on TFM Services! Our pressure washing team is always looking to add…

Concrete Polishing & Stain RemediationConcrete RestorationHard Surface FloorsJanitorial Service
April 3, 2018

Concrete Polishing by TFM Services

In comparison to most other flooring types (i.e. carpet, vinyl composite tile, ceramic tile) polished concrete is a relatively new flooring option. TFM began providing concrete polishing service and concrete…

Concrete Seal WaxFacility MaintenanceHard Surface FloorsJanitorial ServicePost Construction CleaningStrip and Wax
February 8, 2018

Post Construction Concrete Seal / Wax

TFM was very happy to have the opportunity to help The Venue in Arkansas City. Their family owned and operated business has a great story of how they came to…

Aerial CleaningFacility MaintenancePower Washingpressure washingSpecialized Cleaning Programs
February 7, 2018

Aerial Cleaning / Pressure washing at its finest!

Aerial Cleaning Pressure Washing Flashback to about a year ago when we cleaned thousands of steal beams nearly 140 feet off the ground! Our customer had the framework of their...
Concrete Polishing & Stain RemediationConcrete RestorationHard Surface Floors
February 5, 2018

Creating Long Term Solutions for Your Facility

Concrete Polishing Having polished Millions of square foot of concrete TFM has gathered the best equipment and team members to ensure your floors appear their best. TFM currently provides 7...