Aerial Cleaning – Detail cleaning the highest of heights!

if you don’t know when you last had your facility’s ceiling cleaned off the top of your head, your probably going to have dust falling on your head!

Aerial cleaning is a labor-intensive job that requires attention to detail for cleaning and safety at all times! TFM has developed our aerial cleaning scope of work and safety programs over the course of many years and hundreds of high elevation projects. Cleaning with your feet over 3 feet off the ground? We have a process for that! Cleaning in a single man lift in confined space? We have a process for that! Prepping for paint 40 foot in the air on a scissor lift? We have a process for that! Aerial cleaning an airplane hanger 140 foot off the ground? We have a process for that!                                                                           

Every team member selected to perform tasks involving elevated work undergo lift certification, fall protection training, and safe aerial work practices training. Our teams are accustom to daily AHA (activity hazard analysis) toolbox meetings, working in full Tyvek suits, respirators, and explosion-proof HEPA vacuums when necessary. Whether you have a single day project to remove cobwebs. Or, several month-long projects to rid your facility of 60 years of built-up aerial debris, TFM has seen it and can support your needs!

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