Health Care Medical Cleaning

“Terminal Clean” In The Health Care Industry

TFM’s Subject Matter Experts have collaborated with doctors and other medical professionals to develop our in house standardized process. Whether a stat clean, terminal clean, special attention to patient preparation, PPE, dwell time, safe methodical cleaning, touch points and disposal of hazardous waste, TFM Services can support while reducing and eliminating the presence of bacteria.

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Health Care & Medical Cleaning

The TFM Service environmental services team maintains doctor’s offices, health departments, pharmaceutical operations and hospital facilities. TFM has an understanding that medical spaces whether it is the lobby or operating room needs to be “hospital clean” at all times. Our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) work closely with our client to ensure our team members are always in compliance with the policies and procedures set forth by OSHA as well as our client.

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TFM has experience working at ground level, on ladders, with extension poles, on boom lifts, and/or descending from the roof using special high rise equipment to gain access from the outside in order to get our windows clean. Call us for a quote!

TFM has developed programs to not only gather and separate recyclables but, to generate return revenue streams for our clientele by partnering with local recyclers. Call us for an evaluation!

TFM has many different carpet cleaning programs ranging from a one-time deep clean with our state of the art truck mount extraction units to daily carpet spotting with our handheld extractors. Call us for a quote!

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We believe in weekly face to face contact while performing quality assurance inspections with our customers, in turn, this creates 100% calibration while establishing clear expectations.