Educational Facility Cleaning Services

School Cleaning Services

With school cleanings, TFM Services provides commercial janitorial services and works with the education staff to fully provide excellent service as well as personable interaction with staff and students. School cleaning is one of the main concerns of each school district. The areas where the children and employees are must be kept properly cleaned in order to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and in order to provide a safe environment for everyone. From time to time schools have outbreaks of lice, scabies, and things of this nature. When this happens the school should be completely disinfected. This disinfecting should include all areas where the children are each day and the areas where they generally are not in. Any carpets or sleeping mats that can be removed should be taken outside and allowed to the sun. 

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Cleaning your School or Educational Facility

  • Emptying of all waste receptacles in the building. All waste receptacles must be emptied on a regular basis, and the waste container needs to be washed and disinfected. Kids and adults often throw away bits of food and these bits of food can lead to pest infestations if they are left in the wastebaskets for a long period of time.
  • Floor care services must be a part of the school cleaning. This will include sweeping all floors throughout the building daily. The floors need to be mopped with a disinfecting cleaner. All carpeted areas should be vacuumed to remove debris, and there should be a regular schedule for the carpeting to be steam cleaned with a disinfecting cleaner. If the children are small and sit on the carpets a spray disinfectant should be applied to carpeted surfaces on a daily basis when the school is in session.
  • All tabletops, and cabinets that children and employees come into contact with should be wiped down with a sanitizing solution. This will help stop the spread of bacteria.
  • Windows should be cleaned frequently.
  • All desks and seating areas should be wiped down with a sanitizing solution.
  • Toilets, sinks, and bathroom walls should be wiped down with a sanitizing solution on a daily basis when school is in session.
  • All walls in hallways should be wiped down with a sanitizing solution also. Children run their hands along the walls as they walk down the halls.
  • Offices of the staff should be dusted, the blinds in their offices should be kept dusted, and the cabinets, the desktops, and the wastebaskets should be emptied. Sanitizing solutions can be applied less frequently in rooms that the children do not often enter.

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