Restroom Deep Cleaning

Touch points you are not afraid to touch with our restroom power sanitation.

Far more than simply spraying and wiping surfaces in your restrooms, TFM employs the use of a pressurized disinfecting machine to douse every inch of the restroom. TFM trains our team the importance of allowing adequate dwell time to properly disinfect all surfaces. All soiled liquids are extracted and every surface is hand polished.

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Our Dedication To You

Years ago, our largest customer needed a cost effective solution to renew the appearance of several hundred of their restrooms. TFM purchased equipment, trained employees, got to work, developed a tried and true program and turned those restrooms around. Your facilities and all the individuals in them need fresh sanitary restrooms, ones that do not deter return business. Interested in our services?

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30 years of retail grocery floor care has lead into cleaning in every different business sector. TFM now has experience with high rise buildings, office parks, hospitals, school districts, manufacturing plants, city and government agencies. Call us for a quote!

TFM will eliminate the liability of working on ladders and/or the cost of renting lifts to replace outed bulbs, facilitate saving money on LED conversions and/or simply clean out light covers.

We Can Handle Any Customers Needs

We believe in weekly face to face contact while performing quality assurance inspections with our customers, in turn, this creates 100% calibration while establishing clear expectations.