Aerial Cleaning / Pressure washing at its finest!

Aerial Cleaning Pressure Washing

Flashback to about a year ago when we cleaned thousands of steel beams nearly 140 feet off the ground! Our customer had the framework of their building erected with mud and concrete stuck to the steal. The beams needed to be perfectly clean prior to painting!

TFM  organized and mobilized two 135′ boom lifts, two heated pressure washers, and 5 trained individuals to pressure wash thousands of dirty beams for nearly an entire month! There were many challenges including anchoring enough pressure washer line to reach 140 feet into the air, working around other trades who were also on tight deadlines, keeping our vast workspace tidy to allow other trade work to be performed, and keeping our equipment performing in optimal conditions. Battling finicky machines, long hours, dangerous heights, and high winds TFM worked safely and completed our tasks ahead of schedule! Good Work Team!