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Cleaning Services

TFM Services is a full service facility cleaning provider that provides cleaning services in Kansas to both commercial and retail businesses.  

Why You Should Hire TFM Services

We will deliver value to our customers by providing a quality service offered at a fair price that meets or exceeds their expectations.

One Company, One Partner

TFM Services is a full service facility cleaning provider that provides cleaning services in Kansas to both commercial and retail businesses.


The TFM Services team has over 150 years of combined facility maintenance experience!

Quality Assurance Program

Our quality assurance program consitsts of inspecting the facilities weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies as required by each customer.

Communication is Key

We believe in weekly face to face contact while performing quality assurance inspections with our customers. This creates 100% calibration while establishing clear expectations.

Long Lasting Partnerships

Our current customer base has dozens of partnerships that exceed 15 years!

Service Excellence, Lasting Integrity

We will deliver value to you as a customer by providing a quality service offered at a fair price, that meets or exceeds your expectations!

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I have worked with TFM for the past five years.   TFM and Dillon stores development a partnership in the years prior to my arrival, in my current role, as Division Expense Manager.  Needless to say, Dillon Stores and TFM have been partners in Facility Maintenance for many years.  TFM does a great job responding to our facility maintenance needs, and have been very reliable in pressure situations where we provide little notice of VIP visits by Kroger/Dillon senior executives, etc. 

TFM has the staff available for last second request and can adjust cleaning schedules to suit our needs.   I’ve been impressed with their restroom restorations and deep cleans they provide.

TFM currently provides Floor care service, window washing, pressure washing, concrete floor polish, refrigerated case cleaning, restroom cleaning, and pretty much any task we ask of them.  They provide many of these services for our stores in Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. 

For any business looking for quality, consistent maintenance services, I highly recommend TFM.

Jeremy Maples
Dillons Division Expense Manager
Dillons Stores


I know your firm has completed a lot of floor polishing work for the Dillon’s team and I would like to understand exactly the process you are using on their floors. 

Can you or someone else in your company share with me the services you are providing to Dillon’s so that the process can be replicated in other parts of Kroger? 

Your company’s reputation for providing a higher level of polishing is being touted in our other divisions. 

Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated. 

Charles M. (Mike) Boehm
Regional Director of Construction
Mid Central Region
Dallas, Delta, Dillon’s, Houston and King Sooper’s
The Kroger Co.

Facility & Retail Cleaning Services

Concrete Polishing Service

We can revitalize and strengthen concrete floors with our concrete polishing services. By utilizing our concrete polishing services, our customers increase cleaning efficiency.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Whether a single tenant building or a high rise multi-tenant building, we can handle commercial cleaning for both public and private facilities.

Retail Cleaning Service

Our decades long experience in retail services cleaning field has developed highly effective strategies to maintain our retail client’s facilities.

Healthcare Medical Cleaning Service

Our experienced team has chemical and equipment to remediate and/or remove these stains from your flooring using our healthcare medical cleaning services.

School & Education Cleaning Service

TFM Services has cleaned many different school and educational systems across the Midwest spanning the last three decades.

Restroom Deep Cleaning Service

Far more than simply spraying and wiping surfaces in your restrooms. TFM employs the use of a pressurized disinfecting machine to douse every inch of the restroom.

Pressure Washing Service

Gum, tar and other grime is not welcome in any TFM entryway. Pressure washing can help. Removal of these types of debris can be next to impossible without the right tools for the job.

Industrial Cleaning Service

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a vast array of professional services to multiple clients and venues. Our industrial cleaning service can help.

Lawn & Landscaping Service

A professionally maintained lawn and well thought out landscape are the framework of your building. Use our professional lawn and landscaping service.

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