Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Lawn Care: Why Property Maintenance is Important

The problem with commercial property maintenance is that it has obvious intrinsic benefits and value, but it’s often difficult to put a number on that specific value.

Maintenance as a Business Investment

For business owners and entrepreneurs, every decision that has something to do with their company and every endeavor that will impact their business is a decision made with multiple factors to consider. Keep in mind that almost every decision will entail some sort of monetary risk. This means that every decision should be viewed from an investment perspective. This is one of the problems with commercial property maintenance; just what sort of returns on investment (ROIs) can you expect from it? It’s not that there are no benefits to it; it’s just that they are difficult to quantify and measure.

Maintenance and Total Cost of Ownership

This is where the total cost of ownership comes in and becomes an invaluable means of calculating just how much a commercial property maintenance investment will pay off. The total cost of ownership of any business establishment or asset is the total cost of owning, maintaining, and operating that business asset for the entirety of its lifetime. The longer the lifetime and the fewer the costs associated with it, the better the overall total cost of ownership is.

If you have a company building and you want to increase its total cost of ownership. One good investment to make is to schedule regular maintenance. At first, it may seem counterintuitive to increase associated costs, but maintenance helps keep operation efficiency in the building up, and it also lengthens its lifetime. These two ROIs directly contribute towards a better total cost of ownership assessment for that business asset. So evidently, maintenance as an extra cost actually pays for itself through its ROIs, though it isn’t as obvious.

Total Cost of Ownership Applies to the Landscape as Well

This concept of the total cost of ownership as a very significant factor in business asset maintenance and valuation applies to all business assets and fronts, including lawn and landscape. The landscaping is part of commercial property and is indeed a business asset with inherent marketing and branding benefits that are difficult to measure.

Now take the total cost of ownership scenario and apply it to your commercial landscape. Maintenance helps keep the scenery lush and aesthetic, which leads to a longer lifetime, which in turn works towards improving the total cost of ownership value by lowering it in the long run. Your lawn maintenance providers can also change the motif of your landscape for special events or occasions such as product or service launches.

Such small changes to a seemingly nominal “maintenance schedule” can help bolster marketing efforts and improve business-to-consumer and even business-to-business relationships.

Evidently, an investment in commercial property maintenance might not provide immediate and measurable ROIs, but with a mindset that always takes the long run into account, the benefits of maintenance will not only be intrinsic, but measurable. Anything measurable can be tweaked to be optimized and maximized to work towards business goals and success.

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