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One Partner Philosophy


One Company-TFM Services provides all of your service needs. Whatever your facility needs, TFM will respond, analyze, and execute to fulfill your requests. We negotiate from a roster or approved maintenance provider throughout the Midwest and in turn, we can service all of your needs quickly, efficiently, and to your satisfaction. TFM Services can provide a wide range of building service needs.

One Source-You no longer needs a handful of business cards for maintenance providers. One phone call to TFM Services will take care of all your service needs.

One Invoice-Stop all of the excessive bills from multiple maintenance service providers. Simply receive one invoice for all services provided for every location. This saves time, labor, money, and headaches in your accounting department.

One Cost Savings-TFM Services can provide many services while reducing costs.  Additional services are less expensive due to existing TFM management already in place, which in turn means additional service prices will exclude any management fees or costs. We also negotiate with many different suppliers to acquire the lowest possible rates while utilizing our buying power to help our customers reduce costs and increase profit.

One Process-Our processes allow TFM Services to perform at a high level, anytime and anywhere. We are able to accommodate retail store chains, hospitals, universities, restaurants, multiple story office buildings, and businesses with multiple locations. Though we service multiple types of buildings and businesses, our standard processes allow us to provide a high level of service at every location in every region.

One Partner-Partner with a company that believes in long-term business relationships, yet also initiates innovative ideas to help increase your profit and manages with integrity. TFM Services expects to initially calibrate expectations with every customer and discover new and efficient ideas to reduce facility service costs. We are here to help protect your bottom line while enhancing facility appearance and solidifying our business partnerships.

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