Commercial Cleaning Services

Communication is KEY in Commercial Cleaning

Whether a single tenant building or a high rise multi-tenant building, success starts with communication. Our longevity in facilities services has developed a tiered communication process by our entire team. In these venues team members are encouraged to develop client relations, calibrate expectations and perform post service audits to ensure completion. Adding our weekly corporate audits leaves 100% satisfaction with all tenants.


Our Commercial Cleaning Services

TFM supports commercial cleaning services in a wide array of office and commercial facilities, including high rise office buildings, office parks, public utilities and recreational facilities. TFM Services has developed proven processes and procedures to effectively meet demanding office schedules and to maintain the highest standards of excellence in both public and private facilities. Image and quality conscious companies can depend on TFM Services to enhance facility appearance while creating a great first impression and building solid long-term partnerships

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Chemical, Equipment, and Supplies

Functional equipment, proper chemical and stocked supplies are all pivotal for making a great impression. Our team is accustom to maintaining a par level of all consumable products within our facilities. TFM has many decades long supplier relations to help relay cost savings along to our clients.

Window Washing

TFM has experience working at ground level, on ladders, with extension poles, on boom lifts, and/or descending from the roof using special high rise equipment to gain access from the outside in order to get our windows clean.

We can handle any customers needs

We believe in weekly face to face contact while performing quality assurance inspections with our customers, in turn, this creates 100% calibration while establishing clear expectations.

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Commercial Cleaning Projects

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