Facility Cleaning Services

Concrete Polishing

Aside from the unique, beautiful, and glossy appearance of polished concrete businesses can save considerable revenue by choosing this relatively inexpensive flooring option.

Commercial Cleaning Services

TFM supports commercial cleaning services in a wide array of office and commercial facilities, including high rise office buildings, office parks, public utilities and recreational facilities.

Retail Cleaning Services

Our decades long experience in retail cleaning services field has developed highly effective strategies to maintain these facilities while being nearly imperceivably by the shopping customers.

HealthCare & Medical Cleaning Services

The TFM Service environmental services team maintains doctor’s offices, health departments, pharmaceutical operations and hospital facilities.

School & Education Cleaning Services

With school cleanings, TFM Services provides commercial janitorial services and works with the education staff to fully provide excellent service as well as personable interaction with staff and students.

Restroom Deep Cleaning Services

Far more than simply spraying and wiping surfaces in your restrooms, TFM employs the use of a pressurized disinfecting machine to douse every inch of the restroom.

Pressure Washing Services

Gum, tar and other grime is not welcome in any TFM entryway. TFM pressure washes thousands of entryways, fueling stations, drive-through lanes, dumpsters, and walkways every week. 

Industrial Cleaning Services

Clearly identifying all the potential hazard and threats on a job site prior to beginning industrial cleaning work is a critical step to ensuring team member safety. 

Lawn & Landscaping Services

Making a great impression with your client begins as soon as they enter your property. A professionally maintained lawn and well thought out landscape are the framework of your building.